BC Hydro

bchydroWe are currently engaged in multiple contracts with BC Hydro for Site C.  Prior projects involved the removal and replacement of boat launches in both Mackenzie and Butler Ridge Provincial Park.  The Mackenzie Boat Launch removal project focused on two ramps. Work involved reconstruction and erosion control of the ramps and the repair of the access road to the lower boat launch. Geotextile, gravel, and riprap form the base of the ramp with ditches on either side to ensure proper drainage and erosion control.

The “Beaver Pond” project, created a permanent wetted habitat on the reservoir. Large, soil filled tubes will be filled via dredging the silt from the lake to create a permanent dam-like structure.  This project is unique in that while creating new habitat, there was the additional challenge of having to transport all equipment and workers to site via boats and barges.