Forestry & Road Construction

Duz Cho Logging main services are timber harvesting, resource road construction and log hauling.

Duz Cho Logging was able to reap the rewards of the renewed growth of the forest industry by remaining competitive in the market and obtaining new economic relationships.

Duz Cho Logging Ltd. Continues to hold harvesting agreements with:

  • Canfor
  • Conifex
  • Mackenzie Fibre

The aforementioned agreements produced 650 000 cubic meters in 2011 with expected growth in the future. Duz Cho Logging Ltd. owns three logging trucks and sub-contracts 25-30 trucks from local companies.


McLeod Lake Indian Band has been involved in the environmental and archaeological review of the Mount Milligan gold and copper mine, located between Mackenzie and Fort St. James. The Band supports the mine because the project is respectful of the environment while promising employment, contracting and income benefits to McLeod Lake.

An agreement was signed with then owner Terrane Metal Corporation that saw Duz Cho Construction, Duz Cho Logging, and its joint venture partner, Ledcor CMI Ltd., obtain a significant portion of the earthworks required to build the mine.

Thompson Creek Metals Company Inc., with head office in Denver Colorado, has a number of North American holdings including the Endako molybdenum mine. They purchased the shares of Terrane Metals and are honouring the agreements with McLeod Lake Indian Band.

Duz Cho Logging Ltd has worked with Mount Milligan along with Duz Cho Construction Ltd on several projects including clearing land for the powerline and clearing land at the mine site. Duz Cho Logging continues to log for Mount Milligan mine as they expand and contracts special projects.

Pulp Mill Operations

The McLeod Lake Indian Band worked closely with the Ministry of Forests to secure the necessary fibre for the Mackenzie Pulp. Along with the District of Mackenzie and the Ministry of Forests McLeod Lake Indian Band worked with all parties to help secure the future of the Mackenzie Pulp Mill.

Duz Cho Logging Ltd. provides equipment and staff to supply Mackenzie Pulp with fibre and equipment needed to move fibre around the mill. This venture has created 11 full-time jobs.