About Us

Duz Cho Logging Limited Partnership is a well established full phase harvesting and road construction contractor operating since 1988. The name Duz Cho is Tse’khene meaning “big wood”. Duz Cho is an incorporated company 100% owned by the McLeod Lake Indian Band and operates primarily in the areas of McLeod Lake and Williston Lake Reservoir in North Central British Columbia including McLeod Lake Indian Band’s settlement lands.

Based out of McLeod Lake and Mackenzie, Duz Cho Logging began operations with an initial contract to log approximately 60,000 cubic metres of timber in the Mackenzie area. Over time Duz Cho’s reputation as a premier harvesting contractor with strong values of quality, integrity and safety has become solidified in the region. Duz Cho Logging now harvests from 800,000 to 1 million cubic meters per year.

Although Duz Cho Logging’s past success has been based largely in timber harvesting, log hauling and road construction we recognize that the continued success of the company will depend on the diversification of the business. To this end Duz Cho Logging has diversified into gas, oil and mining sectors while maintaining the core harvesting operations.