Remediation and reclamation; Returning the land to its natural state.  We perform on site mechanical and bio-remediation in upstream and downstream applications.

The Environmental Division provides construction services for highly sensitive ecological areas and focuses on short term, small crew projects that vary in length from as little as one week up to ten.  Because they are short term and carry such high environmental risk factors, pre-planning is critical to the success of our projects. These projects are all very time sensitive and revolve around the fluctuation of the rising reservoir water levels.  We have a very small window of opportunity for working days depending on Mother Nature’s plans. It is imperative we work safely as a single incident could cost us a full season set back of the entire project.

We work closely with Environmental Consultants and incorporates detailed wildlife and environment protection plans into all projects and take great care in educating all members of the team on policies and procedures to ensure minimal impact on the environment. We can provide complete solutions working with accredited environmental companies to design, execute and COR certify contaminated sites.

Environmental services include:

  • Reclamation
  • Remediation
  • Re-habitation
  • Waste Transportation
  • Site Rehabilitation

We also handle environmentally based Civil Works such as:

  • Erosion Control
  • Habitat Enhancement
  • Road Works and Culvert Replacement