Duz Cho Construction Limited Partnership (Duz Cho) supports a healthy, clean environment by avoiding and minimizing adverse environmental impacts and preserving natural resources. We understand the critical importance of environmental management during project execution,  and develop detailed Environmental Management Plans (EMPs) to guide our operational planning and onsite activities.   EMPs are typically project-specific, with additional site-specific plans developed as required to address unique, sensitive, or complex environments/activities.

Duz Cho Logging and Duz Cho Construction are keenly focused on minimizing the impact of construction on the local fish and wildlife population.  We are leaders in executing environmentally beneficial construction projects, with extensive experience in the reclamation of land and habitat restoration.  We specialize in works in highly sensitive marine and fish habitats, such as entraining creeks to accommodate the changing water levels of the reservoirs, strategically hand placing rocks in culverts for habitat creation, and importing trees via helicopters to create complex fish habitats.

Fundamental aspects of Environmental Management Planning that are key for Duz Cho’s activities include:

  • Definitions of Roles and Responsibilities
  • Regulatory Framework and Requirements
  • Clearing and Grubbing Management
  • Wildlife, Fisheries and Aquatic Systems Management
  • Water Management
  • Dust Management
  • Sediment Management and Erosion Control Planning
  • Spill Prevention and Response Planning, and
  • Environmental Emergency Planning

Our Environmental Management team includes local Qualified Environmental Professionals, with onsite support of Environmental Monitors on an as-needed basis.  Duz Cho utilizes      Chetwynd-based Plan B Technical Services Inc.