About Us

Duz Cho’s core business has always been heavy earthworks, priding ourselves on the ability to
move the largest amount of material in the least amount of time. Our supervisors and
employees have many years of experience in working in all types of soil and weather
conditions, maximizing efficiencies, minimizing costs, and above all doing it safely.
Although we started in the oil and gas sector we have always strove to be pro-active on
the ever changing economy, anticipating changes and switching to other sectors (sometimes
seamlessly, other times not so much!) has kept Duz Cho a strong and vibrant company while
others have declined or fell by the wayside. This ability to roll with the punches and adapt to
different project methods and mindsets has allowed us to build 5m bush roads one month
and 20m haul roads the next, building pads for rigs in the flat clay to building pads for
wind turbines in the mountains out of rock. We have worked on land and in water,
constructing roads, leases, mine sites, highways, wind projects, boat launches, and dams
using every conceivable material from rock, to silt and muskeg. No matter the material or the
problem our management, supervisors and employees will go out of their way to come up
with a solution to get the job done faster, safer, and more cost effective than our competitors.
Our equipment maintenance is second to none as we are of the firm belief that “if
it’s not running, it’s not making money” for both DCC as well as the client. This commitment to
production also shows in our ever changing equipment list, with new and more efficient
equipment purchased or rented as it becomes available, technology such as full suspension on
articulated trucks to decrease trip times, gps tracking and machine control for more
efficient movement and less wasted time, and the largest equipment available that fits the
scope of work. This commitment to safe and efficient production does not always make our
hourly rates the cheapest but it makes the project “unit rate” cheaper by far.
Duz Cho also has a willingness to enter into whatever contract works for the client,
lump sum, t&m, open book, unit rate, fixed fee, etc. we have used them all in the past and work
hand in hand with the client to find solutions to any contract issues, to “make it work and get it
done” so that all parties walk away profitable at the end of the project.