Moving Earth with the College of New Caledonia’s Mackenzie Campus

From left to right: Jim Pope (Instructor), Jonathon Prince, Darren Orr, Kevin Ingwersen, Frederick Maytwayashing, Tina Van der Ree, Russ McCloud, Jim Humphreys, Dick Buckley, Alfred Petch, and Lionel St. Amand Missing: Vida Robillard (Instructor), Daniel Gunter (Instructor), Robert MacCarthy (Duz Cho Logging) The College of New Caledonia’s Heavy Equipment Operator Program is currently in… Read more »

McLeod Lake Indian Band Members do a Great Job for Duz Cho Construction

McLeod Lake Indian Band members did an outstanding job on the first phase of a construction project for their company – Duz Cho Construction. Band members; Cheyenne Inyallie, Leonard Solonas, Albert Chingee, Adrien Voyer and Allan Inyallie along with Bandmember spouses Darcy Arthurs, (Eugenia Isadore) and Quade Duranleau, (Jayde Duranleau) were a great team. We… Read more »

Provincial Award

Duz Cho Logging is one of the largest logging companies in BC.  The company is owned by the McLeod Lake Indian Band and has been in existence since 1988.  Al Humphreys has managed the company for over 20 years.